The captain of the passenger rocket made final checks before evacuating the staff and visitors to Deimos Moonbase after it was overrun by Ice Warriors.

He told Supervisor Temperance Finch that everyone apart from Professor Schooner and Gregson Grenville was accounted for. He made a final check for any other life signs, but Finch told him to start the countdown anyway, even when Harold and Margaret tried telling them the Eighth Doctor had survived being shot by the Ice Warriors. The Doctor and his companion, Tamsin, made it on board at the last second, but Professor Schooner was killed by the Ice Warriors, and Gregson couldn't make it in time and was burned to death in the landing bay by the thrusters.

Before deciding to set off the mining explosives to destroy the base, the Doctor asked the captain to open communication channels. The Doctor tried telling Lord Slaadek to go back to the catacombs until the Ice Warriors had established a new homeworld, but Slaadek had already decided to reclaim Mars. A "text message" sent from the moonbase had come through. The captain didn't see the life form that had sent it during his checks — the Doctor's old companion, Lucie Miller — (AUDIO: Deimos) as the Monk had put her there after the rocket had taken off.

The Ice Warriors began activating the atmospheric re-ioniser to make it more suitable for them, and killing the 600,000 colonists on Mars. The captain realised that it wasn't working and the Doctor told him that he and Professor Schooner sabotaged it. The Monk created an artificial gravity eddy to bring the rocket back down to Deimos. The Doctor warned the captain to only fire the retro thrusters at the last moment so that the rocket could be saved with everyone intact. Following this, the Doctor was forced to repair the re-ioniser lest the Ice Warriors killed everyone on board with the atmospheric re-ioniser.

The rocket was destroyed anyway, killing all 600 people including the captain, when the Ice Warriors tested the re-ioniser on it. (AUDIO: The Resurrection of Mars)

Behind the scenes Edit

Though consistently referred to in dialogue as "captain", the character is credited on the Big Finish website as "Pilot".

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