Canisians were a species who invaded Earth during the 21st century, whilst Felix Mather was Secretary of State. (PROSE: Trading Futures)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Canisians originated in the webcast Death Comes to Time, released just a month after Trading Future. Considering relative production times of an animated webcast versus an audio, it is overwhelmingly likely that Lance Parkin had gotten a look at the unfinished webcast and decided to reference it, rather than the other way around. At any rate, they were, in the webcast, shown to be a warlike humanoid race who originated on Alpha Canis One. They had an empire called the Canisian Empire, which fell under the course of a villainous Renegade Time Lord, Tannis, as a result of eons of manipulating the timelines for his own ends from Tannis. In the last episode, Tannis did in fact lead them to war against Earth.

Due to behind-the-scenes statements on the part of its makers, this Wiki does not consider Death Comes to Time a valid source for in-universe articles. However, Doctor Who writers have been known to sneak references to the webcast in valid works, of which the reference to the Canisians is an example. A suggestion (though implicit) in Zagreus implies that the world of Death Comes to Time may be an alternate timeline or parallel universe to mainline continuity, shedding more light on the possible relationship beteen the Death Comes to Time Canisians and the ones mentioned in Trading Futures.

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