Calvin Palmer was a teenage boy who resided in an American city. He and his friends Guthrie, Sean and Warren were fond of computer games, especially those of the horror genre. In 2007, Calvin was caught by serial killer Bobby Prescott and his helpers, who promised to let him go if he found someone else for them. Calvin brought them Vincent Wheaton, but they decided to kill them both anyway. Vincent used his psychic powers to reshape Calvin's bicycle into a monster which killed Prescott's helpers and frightened off the killer. Unfortunately, Calvin was also frightened by Vincent's power. With his friends' help, he set a trap at Calvin's house. They drugged him and placed him in a barrel holding chemicals which put him in suspended animation. They flew to an island off the coast of Turkey, where they buried the container and kept guard over it. Months later, Ace and a group of Kurdish mercenaries raided the island, capturing the teenagers and retrieving the barrel. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

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