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Callum Fitzhaugh, better known as Dara Morgan while under the influence of the Mandragora Helix, was the multimillionaire CEO of MorganTech.

Rejected by his lover Caitlin when he proposed to her, Fitzhaugh was struck by purple lightning on his way home. Now under the influence of the Mandragora Helix, who needed an “avatar in reality”, his personality was replaced with a new character, Dara Morgan (an anagram of “Mandragora”). He manipulated his way into becoming a millionaire, and the Helix gave him false memories of coming from a wealthy family and gaining qualifications. It also gave him instructions to develop the M-TEK.

Morgan eventually met Caitlin again in a café in Dubai. The Mandragora energy converted her, which let MorganTech gain ownership to five-star hotels across the world, and Caitlin became second in command.

In 2009, the Mandragora Helix enacted its plan to convert nearly everyone on Earth. Along with Caitlin and Madam Delphi, the manifestation of the Mandragora Helix, he attempted to help it take control of the Doctor. However, the Doctor accessed Morgan’s mind using telepathy, which caused the Mandragora Helix to lose control over him. He attempted to free Caitlin of its persuasion, but she shot him in the head. (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos)

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