Major Cal Kilburne was a Bane disguised as a UNIT officer.

Kilburne wanted to debrief Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart after his mission to Peru. The Brigadier refused. Kilburne left when Sarah Jane Smith arrived, claiming to have read most of her files, though not all, as some were level one clearance and he was only level two.

Kilburne was later at the Black Archives and met the Brigadier, who was trying to smuggle Sarah Jane and Rani Chandra inside. Kilburne stopped him and asked him to join him for dinner to talk about the Brigadier's past. He asked why the Brigadier was there. The Brigadier told him that he was looking back on his past for his memoirs.

He returned to the CCTV command centre and found Sarah Jane stealing the Tunguska Scroll. He tried to stop her from leaving the Black Archives with it. Failing, he went to find her at her house, but Gita Chandra found him. He told her that he was Sarah Jane's distant nephew.

When Sarah Jane returned home, he attacked her and her friends. After being disarmed, Kilburne revealed himself a member of the Bane Kindred posing as a UNIT officer. He tried to eat the Brigadier, but was shot with a knock-out dart from a gun concealed in the Brigadier's cane. The Brigadier kept an eye on him until he was taken away by UNIT. (TV: Enemy of the Bane)

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