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A cake was a baked dessert, typically made of flour and eggs and often bearing some sort of frosting. (AUDIO: The Marian Conspiracy) Celebratory cakes, as for birthdays and even New Year's Eve celebrations, often bore candles. (AUDIO: The One Doctor; TV: Doctor Who) Indeed, cakes were common at all manner of public gatherings, such as individual, street-level parties associated with the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in June 1953. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern) Highly elaborate, multi-tiered cakes, often with white frosting, were commonplace at human weddings, and adorned with figures representing the newlyweds. (TV: Something Borrowed, The Big Bang, PROSE: Happy Endings)

The Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Fourth Doctor once incorrectly told Martha Tyler how to make fruitcake. This woke her from a trance and she corrected him on how to do it properly. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

The Sixth Doctor was particularly fond of chocolate cake. (AUDIO: The Marian Conspiracy)

At some point, one of the incarnations, possibly the fifth or sixth, had a cake for his 900th birthday, adorned with a large number of candles that he struggled to blow out. (AUDIO: The One Doctor)

Mrs Hudson served the Seventh Doctor tea and Madeira cake at Sherlock Holmes' residence. (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire)

On Tor-Ka-Nom, Izzy Sinclair tried to free the Eighth Doctor from jail by sneaking him his sonic screwdriver inside a birthday cake. (COMIC: By Hook or By Crook)

Eight incarnations of the Doctor were kidnapped by the Beige Guardian and placed on a huge birthday cake with hissing dynamite "candles" strapped to their heads. (COMIC: Happy Deathday)

Cake served at a London coronation party (TV: The Idiot's Lantern)

While trying to stop the Slitheen, the Tenth Doctor used a molecular repurposer to create towers and staircases out of cakes (PROSE: The Slitheen Excursion)

The Tenth Doctor ate some cake at the coronation party held on Tommy Connolly's London street. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern)

Winifred Gillyflower once offered the Eleventh Doctor seed cake, which he quickly declined. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

With others[edit | edit source]

Nyssa liked tea and cake. (PROSE: Past Reckoning)

When Melanie Bush visited Tilda and Tabby, she was given cake and tea. (TV: Paradise Towers)

Leonardo da Vinci made Jason and Bernice's wedding cake. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

When an alien ship crashed in the River Thames in 2006, Matt Baker did a feature on how to make a cake shaped like the ship. (TV: Aliens of London)

Bridget Sinclair made cakes for her fellow LINDA members, which Victor Kennedy was aware of. (TV: Love & Monsters)

Amy Pond threw a jam filled cake at an intruding Reptilodon, covering his eyes with jam and custard. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade)

Jamie McCrimmon preferred muffins to cakes. (PROSE: Lepidoptery for Beginners)

In 2018, Umbreen celebrated her birthday with cake. She seemed unimpressed that it was shop-bought, though her daughter Najia insisted it was a good cake nonetheless. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

Fake cakes[edit | edit source]

The Eleventh Doctor popped out of a paper cake at Rory Williams' stag party in place of a stripper named Lucy. This was the third cake that he had popper out of that night; he had popped out of two other cakes mistaking them for Rory's. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

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