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You may be looking for the non-DWU division of the BBC.

The current CBBC logo

CBBC (also known as Children's British Broadcasting Corporation) is the brand under which the BBC in the United Kingdom broadcasts programmes aimed at children in the 6-16 age demographic. It launched as a programming block on BBC One and BBC Two in 1985, before expanding to a separate television channel, The CBBC Channel, in 2002.

CBBC is the broadcast home of The Sarah Jane Adventures and, during its fourth season, Sarah Jane's Alien Files. It has also broadcast other Doctor Who-related programming, including the animated serial Dreamland. It also aired the show Totally Doctor Who and the animated series The Infinite Quest. A series of indents were shown between programmes, some of which contained Doctor Who characters.

As a programming block, it would be referred to on-air in a number of different ways:

  • CBBC on BBC One / CBBC on BBC Two
  • CBBC on One / CBBC on Two
  • CBBC One / CBBC Two

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