C'rizz was a male Eutermesan from Bortresoye who became a companion of the Eighth Doctor, who was travelling with Charlotte Pollard at the time.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

C'rizz' father, Guidance, gave him a moonstone on the day of his wedding to L'da. (AUDIO: The Last, The Next Life)

According to his father, C'rizz was "a broodling of the third order." He had a brother. (AUDIO: The Next Life)

Most of his family and friends were killed when the Kromon invaded Eutermes. (AUDIO: The Last, The Next Life) However, his father survived. (AUDIO: The Next Life)

Meeting the Doctor Edit

When C'rizz met the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard, he was grieving the loss of L'da, whom he had left behind when he had escaped the Kromon biodome. With the Doctor and Charley, he returned to rescue L'da and free his people from the Kromon. He succeeded in the latter, but was forced to kill L'da, who had been transformed into a Kromon queen. Still coming to terms with what he had done, he asked to join the Doctor and Charley when they went to the next zone on Bortresoye in search of the TARDIS and the answer to the mysteries of the universe they were in. (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon)

As a companion Edit

The Doctor, Charley and C'rizz visited Light City, where their memories were preserved and used in an experiment. (AUDIO: The Natural History of Fear)

Eventually, it was revealed that C'rizz was an adept of the Church of the Foundation, which believed that all things must die, and had murdered in its name before he had met L'da and left the Church. It was also revealed that the Eutermesans were more than physical chameleons, but emotional and mental ones as well, shaping their personalities to those around them but also making them easily manipulated. (AUDIO: The Next Life)

When the Doctor and Charley returned to their own universe, C'rizz came with them; he trusted the Doctor to keep him stable and himself. They emerged on an Earth conquered by the Daleks, who unsuccessfully tried to brainwash C'rizz into becoming their new Emperor. The Dalek attempt added to C'rizz's deteriorating mental state; he would continue to hear, in his mind, the voices of the people whom he had killed. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

C'rizz once attacked bystanders in King's Cross station. The Doctor and Luke Tillyard knocked him out and took him back to the TARDIS. (PROSE: Salva Mea)

Death Edit

C'rizz was later granted massive psychic powers on a planet that resembled Hell, with citizens who had been turned to demons save one domed city. He changed into a form that Charley likened to Lucifer. The Doctor theorised that the Eutermesans had genetically engineered C'rizz to house their souls in some mad bid for immortality. C'rizz gave up his new form and powers by restoring the planet and its citizens to their original forms. This exhausted C'rizz. He thanked the Doctor for healing his emotional wounds (save for L'da's death) and called Charley his sister before he died, his body turning to ashes. (AUDIO: Absolution)

Legacy Edit

When the Eighth Doctor was about to regenerate he remembered C'rizz among his past companions. (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

The Twelfth Doctor saw C'rizz, among other companions, when Bernice Summerfield was hit by temporal energy in the Pyramid Eternia. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)

Personality Edit

C'rizz acknowledged that he had a different set of principles and beliefs to the Eighth Doctor and Charley. As he was once a priest, he was unsettled by his sudden liking for warfare (AUDIO: The Twilight Kingdom) and his willingness to kill, (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon) having been brought up in the ways of peace. (AUDIO: The Twilight Kingdom) Despite his willingness to kill, he was appalled by euthanasia. (AUDIO: The Last) His murderous urges were cooled by L'da, who restored him to sanity. (AUDIO: The Next Life) With effort, he could fight the returning urges. (AUDIO: Other Lives)

His guilt for killing his wife weighed him down as he was unsure as to whether he acted in compassion or panic. He did not have much of a sense of humour and thought that it was natural to want to fit in with people. (AUDIO: Faith Stealer) He believed that life was all about losing people and when deciding between life and death he was tempted by the latter, as it would mean he might see his loved ones again. (AUDIO: The Last) He told Charley that love was always dangerous (AUDIO: Caerdroia) and believed that everyone he met tended to die. (AUDIO: Terror Firma) He considered the Doctor and Charley to be his family. (AUDIO: Absolution)

C'rizz knew that he was rude and did not care. (AUDIO: Memory Lane) He found it humiliating when he was paraded around for Victorians and was perplexed at why Maxi allowed himself to be treated like an animal. (AUDIO: Other Lives) He scored well on problem-solving skills and demonstrated a high level of alertness. (AUDIO: Time Works) He rarely talked about himself (AUDIO: Faith Stealer) and was afraid of heights. (AUDIO: Caerdroia)

He claimed to have a weak stomach. (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon)

Appearance Edit

C'rizz had an exoskeleton and wore a half-moonstone pendant given to him by his father on the day of his wedding to L'da. (AUDIO: The Last)

Because he was an Eutermesan, he was able to change the colour of his skin to blend in with his surroundings. (AUDIO: The Creed of the Kromon, The Twilight Kingdom)

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