Buzz! was a comic strip story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011. It was the first to feature the Eleventh Doctor.

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Lunchtime on a sunny day on a farm in Kenya in 2013: the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams arrive just as mealtime is interrupted by a giant fly in Gero and his son Chipo's soup. Rory squashed it with a spade and the three new arrivals show ID as being from "Intergalactic pest control".

After he sends Chipo into the barn for safety, Gero explains his doubts about the new fertiliser — an experimental chemical made in the tropics. Gero shows Amy the brochure and what amazing things it has done to the crops which will be ripe in three weeks. Rory hears the loud buzzing noise from the barn first. They hear Chipo scream out and find the door locked. As the Doctor sonics the lock, giant hornets from a nest that been there all summer burst out. The hornets fly off, dropping Chipo.

The Doctor investigates the fertiliser in the barn. He is puzzled why the chemical company didn't realise that the high bio-enhancing hormones would have this effect on the wildlife as well as the crops. Amy that points out that the fertiliser was developed in the tropics. The constant rain watered down the chemical, making it less potent. The Doctor makes a break from the barn by repelling the hornets with a very pitched noise from his sonic screwdriver. They go to the TARDIS where the Doctor uses his weather control system built into the sign above the door to create a little atmospheric excitation: rain.

The rain diminishes the hornets and the Doctor promises everything will soon return to normal. They leave Gero and Chipo to clear up, sure that Health & Safety will be on the case. As the TARDIS takes off, a beautiful giant butterfly flies around the console room.

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  • The comic strip adventures that appeared in the Official Annuals were very much aimed at a young audience and the artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the annual.
  • The Annual strip stories were put together by the same team that prepared comic stories for the BBC's weekly title Doctor Who Adventures.
  • This was Rory Williams' first comic strip adventure showing him to accompany the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond on their travels.
  • The sonic screwdriver was used to repel the hornets with a high pitched sound.
  • The psychic paper was used to explain their presence as being from "Intergalactic pest control".

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