An unnamed business woman from Earth became a companion of the Fifth Doctor after being pulled out of time and placed on another planet by a race from the future.


After attempting to go to a meeting where she would have a chance to be hired by a potential company, the woman found herself suddenly shifted in time and space to another planet without explanation. She spent three days struggling on the planet without food or water, becoming covered in injuries as she fought to survive. On the third day, she met the Fifth Doctor, who stopped her from going to a collection of water as it was actually an illusion and a trap. He took her back to the TARDIS, where he explained that she had been sent to the planet by a species from the future. If she were to join the company, the changes that she would bring would eventually lead to a war between two alien races in the future, and one of them had attempted to stop her from doing so, thus reversing the war from history.

The Doctor helped nourish her back to health, and the two travelled together for a time. During one trip, the woman's portfolio was scratched as she blocked the treads of an approaching Warboy with it as the Big One came down over her. For a time, she considered that her new life with the Doctor could last forever, until she began to hear about the companions that fell before her and saw the loneliness and age in his eyes. After a year and a half of travelling, she returned to the same office where she had been pulled out of time and entered again. (PROSE: Time on a Vine)