Burton was the manager of Shangri-La in Wales and a former major in the British Army.

Biography Edit

Burton had fought in the First World War. He once hunted Buffalo in Africa. When he ran the Shangri La Holiday Camp in 1959, the staff called him "Major" as a sign of affection and he kept his old army sabre in his office.

He took in the Nostalgia Tours group that had accidentally landed there, mistaking them for another group that he had been expecting. The Seventh Doctor tried to convince him to evacuate the camp as the Bannermen were moving to attack them. He was unconvinced until the Doctor showed him the inside of the TARDIS.

Burton then had the camp evacuated but stayed behind himself. He was taken prisoner by the Bannermen but was freed by the Doctor. After the defeat of the Bannermen, he bid the Doctor farewell before welcoming in a new tour group, the Skegness Glee Club. (TV: Delta and the Bannermen)

Behind the scenes Edit

Burton's on-screen dog belonged to John Nathan-Turner. (DCOM: Delta and the Bannermen)

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