The Burner Doctor was a version of the Doctor who existed in an alternative timeline.

Biography Edit

During his early life, this version of the Doctor had to leave Gallifrey after challenging the Time Lords' temporal intervention policy. He faced erasure from the timeline by his brother Braxiatel, who was the President's Lord Burner. The Doctor killed Braxiatel instead, adopted "the Doctor" as a new title, stole a TARDIS, and fled Gallifrey to challenge the Time Lords' supposed right to rewrite history. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

By an incarnation resembling the N-Space Doctor’s sixth incarnation, the Doctor was captured by the Time Lords and put on trial. The outcome resulted in his reintegration into Time Lord society. By the time that Lady President Romana came to power, the Doctor had adopted the title "Lord Burner" and the role of the President's personal temporal assassin who "burned" people from history, a role previously held by Braxiatel in both the proper and alternative timelines.

After meeting an alternative version of his brother, Lord Burner attempted to assassinate him on the Axis. During the fight, they fell into one of the Axis' portals with no set coordinates. Braxiatel found his way back to the proper timeline. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

Behind the scenes Edit

The idea for the Burner Doctor was to explore a Doctor who had been placed on trial by his people, as in The War Games, but with different results by Time Lords with very different values. (BFX: Gallifrey IV)

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