Pond barbecue

Sausages and burgers being grilled up at Amy and Rory's anniversary barbecue. (TV: The Power of Three)

A burger was a sandwich containing a meat patty (traditionally beef), in a bun. Burgers and sausages were traditional barbecue foods. (TV: The Power of Three)

A friend of Toshiko Sato once caught hepatitis from a burger from an out-of-the-way burger stand. Tosh worried she might get the same, and so refused to eat cheeseburgers when her Torchwood team visited one such place. (TV: Countrycide)

Frobisher once took on the form of a burger after falling into a bin. A homeless man found him in the bin, assumed he was a normal burger, and bit him. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

While eating a salad dinner aboard the Doctor's TARDIS, Peri Brown found herself in a dimension modelled on a combination of the book she had been reading and the salad she had been eating. After a frightening experience in that world which nearly saw her executed for the crime of eating vegetables, Peri decided to prepare burgers and chips instead. (COMIC: Salad Daze)


"Kane" uses his powers on the Sixth Doctor's burger. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

The Sixth Doctor bought a burger while waiting for repairs to his TARDIS to be completed. He ate next to Kane, who displayed his telekinetic abilities on the burger. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

Amy Pond and Rory Williams hosted an anniversary barbecue where they served burgers and sausages. (TV: The Power of Three)

In Rio de Janeiro in 2080, Turlough bought a burger, but found it foul-tasting and tossed its remains to a nearby dog. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

In a dream world, Sarah Jane Smith ordered a burger from Clyde Langer. (TV: The Nightmare Man)

Ryan Sinclair talked about having eaten a "really big" burger that consisted of two patties. (COMIC: Hidden Human Hidden)

Types of burgers Edit

Big Macs were the name of a burger available at the fast food chain McDonald's. Burger King was another popular fast food chain that served mainly burgers. (PROSE: Face Painter, Head Games, TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Kronkburgers were a popular food in the far future, (PROSE: Judgement of the Judoon, TV: The Long Game) and in a parallel universe. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

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