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|cover=[[Black Sheep]]
|cover=[[Black Sheep]]
|release date= [[6 August (releases)|6 August]] [[2001 (releases)|2001]]
|release date= [[6 August (releases)|6 August]] [[2001 (releases)|2001]]
|format= Paperback Book, 256 Pages
|format= Paperback Book; 26 Chapters, 256 Pages
|isbn= ISBN 0-563-53834-1
|isbn= ISBN 0-563-53834-1
|prev=Byzantium! (novel)
|prev=Byzantium! (novel)

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Bullet Time was the forty-fifth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor. It also featured Sarah Jane Smith. She is not travelling with the Doctor; rather the Doctor's actions drift into Sarah's contemporary life.

Publisher's summary

"You're not the Doctor I knew."

"Perhaps you never knew the Doctor."

Hong Kong 1997: the handover to Chinese rule is imminent, and investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith is on the trail of corruption in the Far East.

Street gangsters lurk round every corner. And when one decides to confide in Sarah, she is thrown headlong into danger. What are UNIT doing in Hong Kong, and why are they following missing backpackers? What is causing a spate of strange and unnatural deaths? And how is Sarah’s old and trusted friend the Doctor involved? More importantly, whose side is he on?

The truth can now be told, and the outcome of Sarah’s investigations revealed. But will her world ever be the same again?


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  • Although they are never mentioned by name, the aliens that appear on this novel are (or are similar) the Tzun.
  • It is implied that Sarah Jane Smith may have died at the end of this novel. This possibility is proved not to have happened by her appearances in the new series and The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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