Built for War was a documentary that covered the genesis of the Sontaran race throughout the televised stories including Jim'll Fix It special A Fix with Sontarans. It featured excerpts from the various episodes. The documentary is notable as it was presented as a report for the Sontaran Command by Squad Commander Gron, which is set just after the events of The Sontaran Experiment. The documentary was included on the DVD release of The Sontaran Experiment.

Interviews[edit | edit source]

Actors and writers discussed the various appearances and stories which featured the Sontarans. Writer and script editor Terrance Dicks talked about the creator of the Sontaran race, Robert Holmes, and the development of the first episode to feature the Sontarans, THe Time Warrior, while actress Elisabeth Sladen talked about Kevin Lindsay, who portrayed Linx, the first Sontaran seen on screen, and her experiences filming both The Time Warrior and The Sontaran Experiment. Writer Bob Baker talked about the development of The Sontaran Experiment and stuntman Stuart Fell talked about filming of the same story, when Kevin Lindsay could not film some scenes. Anthony Read talked about the development of The Invasion of Time and Stuart Fell talked about playing a Sontaran. Colin Baker and script editor Eric Saward talk about the development of The Two Doctors and the merits of A Fix with Sontarans. Terrance Dicks mentioned the fact that the Sontarans were a satire of militarism and empire building.

Excerpts[edit | edit source]

The documentary used excerpts from the televised stories to highlight events mentioned by the interviewees:

Archival footage featured writer Terrance Dicks, script editor Robert Holmes and director Christopher Barry in what appeared to be a script read through.

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