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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a television series. By 2600, it was in its 792nd season. (PROSE: The Glass Prison)

Slake referred to Sam Jones as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" after she killed Weird Harold in San Francisco in 1997. (PROSE: Vampire Science)

Rose Tyler, while fighting a Mantodean, thought to herself, "Forget Buffy, this was Rose the Giant-Insect Slayer." (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

In the Main Hall of Geath, Rory Williams said that he and the Eleventh Doctor fought "the odd vampire", to which the Doctor replied, "Technically, they weren't vampires. Do I look like Buffy?" (PROSE: The King's Dragon)

The older Norman Bean from 2008 was said to be wearing "a T-shirt that said Duffy the Vampire or something," most likely a reference to the series. (PROSE: Homework)

In an alternate timeline, Lizzie Corrigan told Maxwell Edison that her Psychic Investigation Group (PIG) colleagues were fans of the series. (AUDIO: The Eternal Summer)

On 14 October 2016, April MacLean compared a tear in space-time which had appeared within Coal Hill Academy to a Hellmouth. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

Colin once had sex with a fan of Buffy. (PROSE: To the Devil — a Diva!)

In an interview that K9 Mark II conducted on himself, he replied to the question he asked himself about what he had been doing these past few years, K9 mentioned that he had guest starred in Sex In The City, West Wing, Buffy, 24, South East Regional News, Terminator 3, and Dogs of War. (PROSE: K9)

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