Bryant was the food minister working for The Grange. He spoke to Petra over video linkup, refusing to authorize a rescue mission, even after two people dissapered. (AUDIO: The Day of the Troll)

Biography Edit

He rescued The Doctor and Petra from the troll in a helicopter. Petra sees Hamilton Bryant aboard and the minister orders the helicopter to take off. He then bombed the Sphereosis, falsely believing that bombs would kill it.

Stubbornly refusing to believe that the troll was actually Karl Bearing, despite the mounting evidence, he sabotaged the relay link to the outside world, locked the Doctor in a room with the Sphereosis and tried to force Katy Bearing to go under the bridge. Petra tried to save her, but Bryant ordered Chavez to shoot her. After a face-off, Petra stood down, and Bryant ordered Chavez to put his gun away. Petra ran to save Katy, but was shot.

He was killed by the Sphereosis when trolls attacked his car. (AUDIO: The Day of the Troll)

Personality Edit

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He was shown to be cruel, with little regard for others, trying to protect The Grange even at the cost of many lives. He was also very cowardly, as he abandoned the Doctor and Petra to the Sphereosis to save his own skin.
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