Bruce Springsteen was a popular American singer who became President of the United States. He was the direct successor of Tom Dering, according to the Eighth Doctor's recollection. (PROSE: Interference - Book One)

The biggest crisis in the Springsteen presidency was doubtless his attempts to negotiate with the Cthalctose and control the effects of Agent Yellow in 2003. He was married to Margaret Springsteen, who worked for the "Department of Health" in Geneva and was on the front line of combat against Agent Yellow. Together, they had a number of children.

Who in their right minds elects a rock-star president of a major world government, anyway?Bernice Summerfield

Bernice Summerfield instantly recognised him when she saw his transmission to the Cthalctose, because she "had half his albums". However, once Springsteen made clear that he intended to send nuclear weapons to the Moon to destroy the Cthalctose should they not negotiate, Benny soured on him. At the time, Benny and her nearly-ex-husband Jason Kane were on the Moon, in range of the missiles. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

The Eighth Doctor believed that Springsteen was followed by President Norris. (PROSE: Interference - Book One)

In 2009, Oscar Phillips listened to his music in his hospital bed. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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  • Novelty "Springsteen for President" badges were made in 1980[1], which may have inspired his role in Eternity Weeps.

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