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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong-based actor and martial artist, born sometime after 1937.[source needed]


Lee spoke of "the art of fighting without fighting", which the Fourth Doctor likened to a concept in The Art of War, it being "a greater honour to defeat the enemy without resorting to battle." (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang)

He believed in the value of different cultures, stating that people of every colour, every nationality, and every religion were all welcome at his school.

By 1972, Lee had an American wife and children, and was considered a local hero by the people of Hong Kong, where a statue was raised in his honour. In this year, he aided the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions when they went up against Chen Luo and Shui Long.

Shortly after, he starred in a film called Enter the Dragon.

According to Ryan Sinclair, Lee died less than a year later due to an untreated swelling on his brain. The Doctor regretfully shot down Ryan's proposal that they warn him of his illness, due to Lee's place in the Web of Time. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Bruce Lee was an actor, director and martial artist, noted for his role in developing the Hong Kong style of action cinema.
  • In the real world, Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940, and died on 20 July 1973.
  • Bruce Lee's American wife and children are never named in The White Dragon, but in the real world he was married to teacher/martial artist/writer Linda Emery and had two children: a son, Brandon; and a daughter, Shannon.