Broteas was one of the Kolothos Hunt, a group of hunter outlaws from the planet Kolothos.

The hunters collected various exotic alien creatures to release onto alien worlds, ready to be hunted. In 1972, one of them was released on Trafalgar Square on Earth and pursued by their hounds. As part of the hunt, Broteas' wife Skadi killed a policeman that got between her and the small alien creature. The Twelfth Doctor incapacitated the hounds with a dog whistle, and after Broteas killed another policeman, the Doctor knocked out Broteas by pulling his electric whip into a fountain.

As Skadi finished her hunt by killing the creature, she and her son Tarquel took Jess and Maxwell Collins aboard their ship, while leaving Broteas behind on Earth to be charged with murder by DCI Jack Hayes and be taken to Scotland Yard. In exchange for food, Broteas gave the Doctor Skadi's comms frequency, and the Doctor offered himself and Broteas in exchange for the release of Jess, Maxwell, and the menagerie on board the spaceship. After Skadi betrayed her promise to the Doctor, Maxwell, with the help of Tarquel, tricked Skadi into dropping her sword. After Hayes arrested Skadi, Tarquel then took Skadi and Broteas out of Hayes' custody to bring them to justice on Kolothos for their killings. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

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