Brokk was a Grold. Having stolen genetic modification drugs from them, he was chased by the Semquess, a pursuit that caused him to crash on the island of Salutua on Earth in the 1880s. He drove the natives away and set up a distortion field around the island from the Semquess. While exploring the island, he damaged the heat exchanger of his environment suit, causing him to go dormant.

When Marshal Grover's expedition arrived in 1934, Brokk managed to hypnotise David Ferraro and make the man build a fire to revive him.

Recently prior to this, the Semquess had arrived and were searching the island for the drugs. They attacked the reanimated Brokk, who was holding Nancy Norton hostage. Because the Third Doctor had created a time bridge to the island from UNIT in the future, several potential timelines were created. (PROSE: The Eye of the Giant)

Original timeline Edit

The Semquess destroyed Brokk and his ship, causing a volcanic eruption that kills everyone on the island. One of the shp fragment, saturated with omicron radiation, wound up at UNIT. The Doctor used it to create the time bridge.

Alternate timeline 1 Edit

The UNIT troops sent to find the Doctor attack the Semquess to protect Nancy. This gave Brokk a chance to make a deal with her. He gave her his eyebrain, then sent his mindless body to pilot his ship. The Semquess blew it up, thinking they had killed Brokk and destroyed the drugs.

Nancy killed Sternberg on the expedition ship to get the drug ampoules. She used one to merge a part of the eyebrain with her. This gave her hypnotic powers which she used to take over the Earth, with her as its goddess. However, the time bridge was still open, and the new timeline not fully actualized. The Doctor went back to the island to avert the changes.

Alternate timeline 2 Edit

The Doctor arrived on the Constitution III after Nancy had merged with the eyebrain. She had embedded pieces in crewman David Ferraro and her maid Tilly to take them over. She was trying to take over the rest of the ship. The Doctor attempted to reason with her, but realised it was hopeless. He used the sonic screwdriver to shatter the eyebrain fragments, killing her. This also killed Ferraro and Tilly.

Unfortunately, before she died, she fell on another Semquess drug ampoule. It broke and caused her to merge with the fragments and the Constitution III, the Marshal Grover expedition's ship. The insane creation proved unstoppable, and destroyed everything on Earth.

Alternate timeline 3 Edit

Amelia Grover consumed the drug from the last ampoule. She died and was resurrected as an angelic being. She stopped the ship-creature, and left Earth with it, promising to separate Nancy and Brokk when she could figure out how to do so safely. This timeline became the new permanent one.

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