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Brogan (Innocence)

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Brogan was an officer in the Kaled Military Corps who was secretly a pacifist, or "peace activist" as he preferred to be called. He lived on Skaro towards the end of the Thousand Year War between the Kaleds and the Thals. He served under Colonel Nasgard as a captain until his promotion to major, earned when he reported the colonel's health problems and erratic behaviour to headquarters. Brogan refused Nasgard's request for an honourable death on the battlefield and instead escorted him home to his family, where he first met Nasgard's daughter Yarvell.

They became friends and he comforted her upon learning of her father's death, during which he revealed his beliefs to her. Lady Calcula used this fact and other circumstantial evidence to manipulate Councillor Quested into having Brogan arrested and executed as a traitor. Yarvell was a member of the execution squad. After his death, Yarvell's younger half-brother Davros sought to gain possession of his corpse for the purposes of experimentation. (AUDIO: Innocence)

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