The British Film Institute (or BFI) is a charitable organisation to help the development of film and television in the United Kingdom.

The following television stories received an exhibition at the BFI:

Story Programme
An Unearthly Child Doctor Who
"Air Lock" Doctor Who
The Underwater Menace (episode 2 only) Doctor Who
The Tomb of the Cybermen Doctor Who
The Mind of Evil Doctor Who
The Robots of Death Doctor Who
The Two Doctors Doctor Who
Remembrance of the Daleks Doctor Who
Doctor Who Doctor Who
Bad Wolf Doctor Who
The Parting of the Ways Doctor Who
The Stolen Earth Doctor Who
Journey's End Doctor Who
A Christmas Carol Doctor Who
Asylum of the Daleks Doctor Who
Let's Kill Hitler Doctor Who
The Angels Take Manhattan Doctor Who
The Day of the Doctor Doctor Who
The Eleventh Hour Doctor Who
The Name of the Doctor Doctor Who
Vincent and the Doctor Doctor Who
Deep Breath Doctor Who
Death of the Doctor The Sarah Jane Adventures
Sky The Sarah Jane Adventures
The New World Torchwood
An Adventure in Space and Time Docudrama

In 1983, Jeremy Bentham worked with the BFI in staging the two-day Doctor Who – The Developing Art weekend at the National Film Theatre, where the many guests included Patrick Troughton, Heather Hartnell, John Nathan-Turner, Anthony Ainley and Douglas Camfield.

Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty was broadcast live from the BFI on BBC Three following the BBC One premiere of The Day of the Doctor. It involved cast members from the whole history of Doctor Who, from William Russell to John Hurt.

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