The British Broadcasting Corporation is the dominant television and radio broadcast entity in the United Kingdom. Currently, the BBC operates multiple TV networks and radio stations, many of which have broadcast Doctor Who-related content over the years.

Its main television channel is currently known as BBC One. It was on BBC One that Doctor Who aired from 1963 to 1989 and again since 2005. It was also the home network of Torchwood in the latter part of its run.

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The BBC has also branched out into other media, including: BBC Audio, which has issued a number of soundtrack recordings from the series, as well as original audio dramas; BBC Video, which has issued episodes and documentaries to the home video market; and BBC Books, which has published original Doctor Who fiction since 1996.

BBC Worldwide is a branch of the BBC that oversees syndication of programmes such as Doctor Who, as well as overseas production ventures.

The BBC is also connected to several North American cable networks that air Who-franchise programming, including BBC America (United States) and BBC Kids (Canada), although these broadcasters are not considered to be directly part of the parent BBC.

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