The Britischer Freikorps (BFK), sometimes shortened to the Freikorps and known in English as the British Free Corps, was a military force which Nazi Germany tried to form during World War II by recruiting British prisoners of war sympathetic to fascism.

Ultimately the recruitment drive was largely unsuccessful, with the vast majority of British POWs remaining loyal to the cause of their home country.

Alternate timeline Edit

In an alternate timeline in which Germany won World War II and occupied Britain, recruitment to the Freikorps was far more successful and its members were used to police the nation. Their authority stemmed directly from the Third Reich and superseded that of the civilian police. The corps was represented by a Union Flag bearing the swastika. Although nominally a law enforcement agency, they were little more than thugs who extorted and beat whomever they wanted.

In London in 1951, the Freikorps patrolled the areas of the Nazi-organised Festival of Britain. The Seventh Doctor and Ace encountered Freikorps privates George Brady and Sidney Harris shortly after arriving in this timeline. The privates were harassing Harry Gold, blackmailing him out of his cafe's earnings by threatening to reveal his Jewish heritage to the authorities. The Doctor pretended to be a superior officer and ordered them to return to their HQ and submit themselves for punishment. After the resulting confusion, the Doctor and Ace were arrested by Freikorps officer Lieutenant Anthony Rupert Hemmings.

At Freikorps HQ, the Doctor posed as the Reichsinspektor General, winning the trust of the German General Otto Strasser, much to Hemmings' dismay. Infiltrating the Freikorps ranks allowed the Doctor to get the help he needed to recover his TARDIS and find out when the timeline had changed. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

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