The Bristol Channel, known in Welsh as Môr Hafren, (PROSE: Another Life) was a large stretch of water between South Wales and south-east England. (TV: The Categories of Life)

It was used by the Torchwood Institute as the location of two facilities: Torchwood Three in Cardiff Bay, and Flat Holm island. (TV: Adrift) In particular, the location of Torchwood Three on the edge of the Bristol Channel allowed for the discrete transportation of alien technology by ship from locations around the world. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

Geography Edit

The Bristol Channel included the bays of Barnstaple or Bideford, Bridgewater, Cardiff, Carmarthen and Rhossili. Coastal towns included Barry, Llanelli, Porthcawl and Port Talbot in South Wales, and Ilfracombe, Minehead and Watchet in England; also on the south side of the Channel was Exmoor National Park. Headlands and peninsulas included Nash Point in South Wales, and Baggy Point, Foreland Point and Morte Point in south-east England.

There were at least four lighthouses located on the banks of the Channel; one at Nash Point, one east of Barry, one at Foreland Point and another between Morte Point and Ilfracombe. (TV: The Categories of Life) A further lighthouse was located on Flat Holm island. (TV: Adrift)

History Edit

The Bristol Channel flooded in 1607. Thousands died, houses and villages were swept away, livestock got destroyed and farmland was inundated. The surrounding region was set back for more than a century. Later theories would suggest that this was caused by a tsunami. (PROSE: Another Life)

According to Horton, Golf Victor Foxtrot's transponder signal faded from Heathrow Airport's radar over the Bristol Channel. (TV: Time-Flight)

The Bristol Channel was clearly marked on Mary Cooper's map of Cowbridge Overflow Camp and the surrounding area. (TV: The Categories of Life)

The Sorvix power plant was located in the Bristol Channel. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

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