Bringer of Darkness was a Second Doctor comic story first published in Doctor Who Magazine.


The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria encounter a the crew of a damaged Dalek spaceship, who are building a beacon with which to summon rescue.


Narrated through Victoria's diary entry, the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land on a peaceful planet, with Victoria noting that it is a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, the trio soon encounter a patrol of Daleks. It appears that a Dalek spaceship has crashed on the planet, and its crew of three are trying to build a beacon to summon help.

The Doctor resolves to stop them. As Victoria watches from hiding, Jamie distract the Daleks by setting off Fireworks and causing them to investigate. He and the Doctor then board the beacon and begin opening all the access panels. Soon the Daleks see the pair, but are unable to fire upon them for fear of damaging the now-exposed communications equipment.

The Doctor taunts the Daleks, mentioning that he had hoped they had finally been vanquished. He asks about the fate of the humanised Daleks on Skaro; the patrol responds that all were destroyed and the Emperor reigns supreme. The Daleks realise who they are talking to, that only the Doctor, the "Ka Faraq Gatri", would know of the humanised Daleks' existence. But before they can open fire, the Doctor activates the beacon. He has redirected the electromagnetic pulse outwards rather than upwards, frying the circuitry in the Daleks' casings and brutally killing the mutants inside.

The creatures perish in agony, and Victoria, appalled, sees the Doctor's dark hatred of the Daleks for the first time. Seeing him in a new light, Victoria realises that she will soon leave his company.



  • Victoria says her father referred to the Daleks as abominations.
  • Victoria compares the labouring Daleks to ants.
  • The Doctor appears to be playing his recorder soon after they land.


  • Beacon is spelled "becon" on pages 2 and 3. The American spelling "Humanized" is used.


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