Bridget Spears was the personal assistant to Home Office Permanent Secretary John Frobisher.

Bridget was immensely devoted to her job. Bridget and Frobisher had worked together for twenty years. They had known each other for thirty years but ten years passed until they could work together. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

She gave Lois Habiba her username and password so Lois could assist with the mounting work in the office, but Lois used it to find out who Captain Jack Harkness was. After Frobisher told Bridget about the 456, he gave her a file with a blank piece of paper in it — indicating she was to kill the people listed in it. Spears drew up orders for four people to be killed. One of them was Jack. (TV: Children of Earth: Day One)

Bridget accompanied Frobisher to negotiations with the 456. She took part in assisting Frobisher in control of the 456 and attended regular meetings of COBRA on the subject. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three, Children of Earth: Day Four)

When Frobisher was told that his children would be taken and given to the 456 as part of the Prime Minister's plan to make it look like the Government were the victims of the crisis, she retrieved requisition 31 for him on his orders, 31 being a pistol, which Frobisher used to kill himself and his family.

After giving him the package she went to see Lois Habiba, who had been locked away for treason and espionage. She had a long conversation with Lois, to convince Lois to remember Frobisher as a good man (while he proceeded to kill himself and his family). However, Lois also explained what she had done and how to operate the Torchwood contact lenses. Spears took the contact lenses on her way to COBRA, intent on continuing Lois's work out of disgust for Green's treatment of Frobisher.

After the 456 had been destroyed by Jack Harkness, the COBRA meeting was disbanded, with the American military and UNIT leaving. Only Denise Riley and Bridget stayed. PM Green noted what had happened, and classed himself as "lucky". Bridget told Green that she was wearing the contact lenses and told him that she had all his conversations on tape. They would be given to the general public after everything that had happened. Green threatened to have her arrested, but Home Secretary Riley let Bridget go and told Bridget that she would see to Lois's release. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

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