Brianna ap t'Erapi (PROSE: God Encompasses) was a young woman who spent her three centuries in the City of the Saved almost constantly travelling and having adventures. (PROSE: Lost Ships and Lost Lands, Just Passing Through)

History Edit

Brianna died when she was 26. (PROSE: Lost Ships and Lost Lands)

In the City of the Saved, Brianna was reborn at 67 Armistice Street in Calafia District. From the very start of her new life, Brianna had an urge to explore the City. She left Calafia, but not before teaching Akroates about currency. Brianna remained in touch with Akroates during her travels. (PROSE: Akroates)

Circa AF 150, Brianna settled down from travelling to live with a woman named Clara. This lasted six months; Brianna left Clara in the middle of the night to continue exploring the City. Brianna then met with Lazarus. Lazarus directed Brianna to a man in the Cerulean District who could change her imago to give her wings. Brianna underwent the process and gained feathery wings which she used to fly throughout Cerulean for three days, until they disintegrated mid-flight and Brianna was left falling. She was found by the avian posthuman crew of the Questor. (PROSE: Lost Ships and Lost Lands)

Brianna once climbed the sky-dome of the City using just suction crampons. (PROSE: Apocalypse Day)

Brianna was near Araminta District when the City of the Saved Civil War broke out. It took some time before she became re-accustomed to mortality. After Sirithgow was wounded, Brianna underwent a days-long odyssey to Vesuvius District to deliver a birthday present to Sirithgow's friend. (PROSE: Just Passing Through)

Near the end of the Civil War, Brianna reconnected with Jane Dick. They came to The World Turned Upside Down in AF 300 and met with their deme. (PROSE: Apocalypse Day) Brianna was absorbed by the Anonymity and re-resurrected in the second City of the Saved. (PROSE: God Encompasses)

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