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"The Brethren", ala The Forge, The Department, The Silence, The Three Families, The Committee, The Auctioneers etc. "Brethren" will cover usage of the term in other contexts, (e.g. The Parting of the Ways).

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The Brethren were a group of monks in Scotland. They could be recognised by their bald heads and brownish-orange robes. They were led by Father Angelo.


The Brethren practised martial arts, though they were not above shooting people. They might also have trained the werewolf to fear mistletoe.

In 1540, the Brethren discovered the Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform's crashed spaceship and decided to try to help it. They turned away from their God and started to worship the Wolf. They provided host bodies and food for the growing werewolf for over three hundred years. In 1879, they also arranged events for Queen Victoria to be bitten to start "the Empire of the Wolf". This plot was foiled by the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, and both Father Angelo and the Wolf were killed. (TV: Tooth and Claw)