Brenda Williams was the wife of Barry Williams and mother of Rhys. She also had a daughter. She and Barry were happy when Rhys joined the Boy Scouts as it meant that they were able to rekindle their sex life. (AUDIO: Visiting Hours)

She and her husband attended Rhys's wedding to Gwen Cooper, whose mother Brenda disliked and with whom she spent much of her time trading insults. Brenda was mistaken for a Nostrovite by Torchwood Three, but Gwen correctly identified her due to her "hideous" perfume. She was later retconed and was no longer reluctant to have Gwen as her daughter-in-law. (TV: Something Borrowed)

Brenda had her hip replaced at St Helen's Hospital. She was given her own private room after someone on her ward died. After he witness a weird surgery, Rhys moved her bed from the room. She helped him to discover a plan by the Cleaners. She was placed by Rhys in the Morgue to hide from them. (AUDIO: Visiting Hours)

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