Brenda was a woman who was made up of various bits and pieces of human bodies stitched together. She had no surname. Brenda had a long life, but not a very good memory, meaning she had some trouble remembering much beyond her recent history. (PROSE: Fellowship of Ink)

History Edit

In 1868, Brenda was working as a maid at Beatrice Mapp's house at Tavistock Square in London. When the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa held a Block Transfer Computation seance there in an attempt to summon the TARDIS, Brenda sat between the Doctor and Quandry and repeated "1010". The seance resulted in the Doctor, Nyssa, Mapp, and Rupert Von Thal being transported to Adric's kingdom in the distant past, leaving Brenda alone to take care of the house. Brenda was overjoyed when Mapp returned six weeks later. As Brenda was bringing Adric tea, she heard him using Block Transfer Computations to transport himself to Thomas Brewster. She informed the Doctor, Nyssa, and Mapp of Adric's disappearance in time for them to come to Adric's room and witness his death. (AUDIO: The Boy That Time Forgot)

In the 1890s, Brenda performed in Diodati's Circus as "The Discombobulated Lady". Each night, she would pull herself to pieces in front of a live audience to the rhythm of a "sensuous dance". When the Circus visited Paris, Brenda had an adventure involving hunchbacks, Phantoms, and undead in the catacombs. She ran away form the circus with Joseph Merrick while they were touring in northern England.

In the 1930s, Brenda was Reginald Tyler's maid in Darkholmes. She helped Tyler and Henry Cleavis during the hubbub that arose when the Very Fabric of Time and Space wore a bit thin. (PROSE: Fellowship of Ink)

On May Day 1972, Brenda went to Iris Wildthyme's party at Hobbe's End with Effie. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

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While dealing with a supernatural yellow bottle from the far future, Iris Wildthyme considered getting the help of Brenda and Effie. (PROSE: The Shape of Things)

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Brenda originates from Paul Magrs' 1998 short story "Never the Bride", written for BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Reading. She features in the six book series Brenda and Effie. Brenda is the bride of Frankenstein's monster who runs a bed and breakfast in Whitby. She is played by Anne Reid in Bafflegab Productions' Brenda and Effie audio series.

Brenda's time as a maid in Beatrice Mapp's household is expanded upon in the fifth Brenda and Effie novel, The Bride That Time Forgot, although the circumstances in the two stories are irreconcilable.

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