Brenda's B&B was the fourteenth story printed in the The Panda Book of Horror anthology. The epistolary story was written by Paul Magrs.

The story made use of elements from his Iris Wildthyme and Brenda and Effie series, further connecting and intertwining the two series.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Brenda has sent out a letter to readers of the book series about herself and Effie, penned by Paul Magrs. Brenda is advertising her B&B in Whitby, North Yorkshire. She addresses the rumour about Whitby, that it's a nexus point for the weird and malign, and she calls it all codswallop. Then she inadvertently lists off a few examples to the contrary.

She returns to talking about the hotel, and how it's so relaxing. She tells you that if you do visit, you should check out the Abbey where Dracula is reputed to have come ashore. She tells you to book a room now, and to read about her adventures in her book series.

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