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Bremm, known on Earth as the Silver Turk, was a Cyberman from the planet Mondas who was sent on a mission to find Earth.


Bremm and another Cyberman called Gramm were sent in a scout craft to find Earth, the lost binary twin of Mondas. Bremm was responsible for navigation. They were the first Cybermen to succeed in this task. Their craft crash-landed in the mountains of Austria around 1873, badly damaging both Cybermen.

They were found by a forester who sold them to Dr Johan Drossel. The latter invited Alfred Stahlbaum, a talented mechanic, to help him repair these strange mechanical men, but Stahlbaum soon stole Bremm for himself.

Stahlbaum used ether to keep Bremm under permanent sedation. After teaching him to play several musical instruments and several games Stahlbaum organised its performances as "the Silver Turk" at the 1873 Vienna Exposition. The last performance took place at 5 o'clock on 11 September 1873 and was interrupted by the Eighth Doctor. Intent on eliminating the Cyberman menace, the Doctor tried questioning Bremm, but the Cyberman managed to mentally knock the Doctor unconscious. Stahlbaum then fled with Bremm before the Doctor came to.

The next day Bremm was rescued from Stahlbaum by Gramm, who also kidnapped the Doctor's companion Mary Shelley. Mary suggested a way to repair their damage using Galvanic lightning. To achieve that, Gramm carried Bremm to the top of Stephansdom, the highest building in Vienna. Although Mary's plan worked, after the lightning struck Bremm only reached "two-five" percent capability. He then proposed to adapt the neural generation unit in his head into a transmitter to contact Cyber-Control on Mondas. After Gramm agreed and removed Bremm's remaining Cyberman arm, Bremm was terminated. Gramm described him: "Bremm unit closed."

However, Bremm's memories were transferred to Gramm. The Doctor described him as Bremm becoming a part of Gramm. When Gramm mentally reached out to Bremm to check his memories, a broken piano rendition of Silent Night can be heard instead of words. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)

Physical appearance[]

After the crash, Gramm took Bremm's left arm. Apart from his arm, Bremm also lost both of his legs. The Eighth Doctor believed that his legs had been cut off by Drossel to prevent an escape, but Drossel himself claimed that this had been the result of the crash. Instead of the missing arm, Bremm was given a fully functional wooden arm, similar in appearance to the limbs of puppets from Marionettenburg created by Gramm for Drossel.

Using both arms, Bremm could play the piano and perform other tasks. Moreover, despite not having legs, he was able to work the pedals on the piano.

During his performances as the Silver Turk, Bremm sat in a wheelchair. He was wearing a turban, and his face was concealed by an elegant mask with splendid mustachios.

Earth skills[]

Bremm was a good chequers player, publicly beating Count Rolf Wittenmeier at his 12 o'clock performance on 11 September 1873. He could also play chess.

During his 5 o'clock performance on the same day, Bremm played the Moonlight Sonata on the piano but his rendition was too mechanical. He could also play spinet and flute.

Mission to find Earth[]

As the navigator of the mission, Bremm should be credited with finding Earth. However, the impact of the crash caused both Bremm and his crewmate to believe they were on Mondas instead of Earth. When Bremm learned the truth from Gramm, he still could not verify him and proposed to sacrifice himself to contact Cyber-Control and complete the mission. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)