Braxiatel Protective Mechanoids - or BPMs - were a force of robots created by Doggles between the Draconian-Mim War and the Deindum War. They were built to protect the Braxiatel Collection, but they were also used to protect Doggle's moonbase and as part of a plan to interfere with the origins of the Deindum. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

BPMs were six metres tall. (PROSE: Six Impossible Things) Much of the technology inside BPMs was "way in advance" of what could be found in the early 27th century. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past) There were man-sized compartments in the chests of BPMs which could teleport humanoids placed inside them. (PROSE: Six Impossible Things) If the teleportation system failed, (WC: Dead and Buried) the chests of BPMs could also function as stasis compartments which could last for several years. (PROSE: Six Impossible Things) They could emit holograms from their hands. (WC: Dead and Buried)

History[edit | edit source]

BPMs were developed by Doggles with a bit of help from Bodie. They were first put into use to fake an invasion of the Braxiatel Collection in order to discover which of the students carried weapons. When Bernice Summerfield permanently left the Collection, Doggles suggested that some of the mechanoids be sent out to track her down. (AUDIO: The Wake)

Braxiatel left a BPM in a fake civilisation on Javarda as a trap for Bernice. Attempts to destroy the BPM with a high intensity thermal bore, a GPSI-X900, and a Cryocab container managed to break the mechanoid's teleport system. The BPM nonetheless captured Benny and put her into stasis after Braxiatel briefly talked to her via hologram. (WC: Dead and Buried) Due to the damage caused by Benny, Adrian Wall was able to easily pry off the chest piece of the BPM and release her from stasis.

During the five days in which Benny was in stasis, a legion of BPMs kidnapped humans from across the galaxy and teleported them to a secret base on the Moon where humans were tested to see how they could influence the biodata of the Deindum if they were sent to prehistoric Deindus. Doggles ran the moonbase with a staff of BPMs. Bev Tarrant and Robyn unsuccessfully tried to stop the BPMs from kidnapping humans. Benny, Adrian, and Bev were able to track down the moonbase after Robyn was teleported there by a BPM. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

Doggles' moonbase remained in use after the outbreak of the Deindum War. While working on the teleport systems of a BPM, Doggles accidentally teleported himself and the BPM to a space station 47 light-years from the Moon. Adrian Wall rescued Doggles and the mechanoid and took them back to the moonbase. (PROSE: Six Impossible Things)

From the moonbase, Adrian and Doggles worked on developing long-range teleportation with the BPMs. One trip drained more energy than they thought it would and Adrian was temporarily stuck on a planet while the BPM was on stand-by. In this time, he had an adventure with Bernice Summerfield and some refuges from the future of the Deindum War. (PROSE: The Better Part of Valour)

Six months after the start of the Deindum War, the Deindum interfered with two BPMs patrolling the area near the moonbase and got them to feed fake footage back to Doggles. While it appeared to Doggles that all sectors around the base was clear, Deindum forces made a surprise attack and took the base. Doggles, Adrian, and Joseph teleported to the Braxiatel Collection before they could be captured. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

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