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Brave-ish Heart was the fifth episode of Class. It was written by Patrick Ness, directed by Philippa Langdale and featured Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola, Jordan Renzo as Matteusz Andrzejewski and Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill.

Continuing the story beginning in Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart, it saw April briefly become Shadow King, and take control of the entire army. April's parents, Jackie and Huw, found out about their daughter's dealings with aliens. Charlie Smith opened the Cabinet of Souls, to use it, for the first time, though he put the device back inside again.


Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus.

On Earth, the invasion of the petals in rapidly snowballing. Confronted with the threat of the planet's extinction, new headmistress Dorothea attempts to force Charlie into making a transformation decision. But Miss Quill has other ideas for him.

As Charlie, Matteusz and Tanya try to stop the petals from annihilating the human race, April must fight the terrifying force of Corakinus, light years away from home.


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Real world[]

  • Ames mentions governments and their habits of tripping over themselves in their selfish concerns about rights.
  • Huw MacLean, upon hearing about aliens and other worlds, is convinced he must be having a mushroom flashback.
  • Ram mentions that footballers usually act without thinking.
  • Corakinus moans at the behaviour of teenagers upon seeing Ram and April kiss.
  • Dorothea Ames says that there are still men who won't listen to a woman smarter than them.

Coal Hill School[]



  • Matteusz says that Venus flytraps ingest living matter, but makes the claim that, unlike the killer petals, they don't have souls. Ames hints to the contrary.
  • Corakinus refers to April as a maggot, which April calls Corakinus in return.
  • The killer petals can't be hurt in any way, according to Dorothea Ames. However Matteusz Andrzejewski works out that the Shadow Kin can defeat them, leading this to be their solution.




Popular culture[]


  • In Shadow Kin religion, they believe that the universe will crush them if they do not defeat it all.
  • Sikhs are normally obligated to grow their hair out long in a practice called Kesh, and wear turbans, as Ram's father Varun does, but Ram himself keeps his hair short, noting, "it's modern times; gotta look sharp." He also points out, "Have you ever tried going through airport security in a turban?"
  • Ram still has a kangha that his father gave him, and wears a kara on his wrist.
  • Ram says that where he came from, they believe that doing good deeds is a safe-way to get to God.

Story notes[]

  • The title of this story is a parody of the movie "Braveheart". Concidentally, the term "brave heart" was also a phrase that was often used by the Fifth Doctor with respect to Tegan Jovanka.


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Filming locations[]

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Home video releases[]

DVD releases[]

  • Brave-ish Heart was featured in the series one DVD boxset, which was released in the UK (Region 2) on 16th January 2017, followed by a Region 1 release on 11th July. The Region 1 release contained an additional blooper reel and various deleted scenes that were not present on the Region 2 release.

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  1. Ram and April agree that they've known each other for a month. Last episode, Ram said, "I've been frightened non-stop for the last month," and, "It's been a weird month."
  2. In The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a plaque that tells us the Barbara Wright Building was completed in spring 2016. Additionally, Nightvisiting, set two years after Jasper Adeola's death, tells us he died in 2014. Finally, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart confirms that Charlie and Miss Quill arrived on Earth in September 2016.