Brandon Yow was Alex Yow's brother.

When he went to visit her, they met the Twelfth Doctor. Together, they were able to defeat the Weeping Angel that was pursuing them. (AUDIO: The Lost Angel)


Early life[]

Brandon grew up in Chicago, with his sister, Alex. He had a partner called Shelly, whom he had planned to buy a smart watch for their anniversary. (AUDIO: The Lost Angel)

Adventures with the Doctor[]

Travelling to Rickman to visit his sister at her new apartment, Brandon witnessed Alex's landlord Jeff be taken by a Weeping Angel. Along with his sister, he helped the Twelfth Doctor defeat the weeping angels. The Doctor agrees to allow Brandon and Alex one trip in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Lost Angel)

While exploring the inside of the TARDIS, Brandon and Alex discovered that it had been invaded by a plant creature which engulfed much of the TARDIS interior. (AUDIO: The Lost Planet)