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Brain Teasers and Mind Benders was another in a series of licensed quiz books published by Target Books who were better known for their series of Doctor Who novelisations.

Publisher's summary[]


Adrian Heath's compilation of a multitude of puzzles and quizzes based on the ever popular BBC TV Doctor Who series will really put your knowledge to the test.

But don't expect straightforward questions and answers – Adrian's puzzles have all the versatility of a fully functioning TARDIS and assumes a variety of mystifying guises!

You can have hours of fun and amusement becoming a veritable Doctor Who Mastermind.

Subject matter[]

  • 54 assorted quizzes, crosswords and word puzzles.

Notable features[]

  • Author Adrian Heath was a sixteen year old fan of the series when he wrote this book. This likely makes him the youngest author to ever be published by any of the official publication licence-holders for the franchise, in this case Target Books.
  • With a bland cover carrying only the Doctor Who logo, there was no need to pay additional fees for any character likeness used.


  • This title was released priced £1.25 (UK) with a print run of 50,000.