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Bradley Walsh (born 4 June 1960[1]) played companion Graham O'Brien in series 11 and series 12 of Doctor Who.

10 years earlier, Walsh played Elijah Spellman, Odd Bob the Clown and the Pied Piper in The Sarah Jane Adventures, in the story The Day of the Clown.

Walsh is the oldest actor to play an ongoing companion on Doctor Who, though Lindsay Duncan and Bernard Cribbins were older when they played one-off companions Adelaide Brooke and Wilfred Mott, respectively.

Outside of Doctor Who, Walsh is best known for presenting the ITV game show The Chase. He also appeared in Coronation Street between 2004 and 2006 as Mike Baldwin's nephew Danny, and presented Wheel of Fortune, another ITV game show, in 1997. He also appeared alongside son Barney Walsh in 2020 ITV travelogue series Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad, which was referenced in the DWM 549 edition of The Daft Dimension.

In the DWU[]

Bradley Walsh was mentioned in passing (but not by name) in the 2018 novel The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson. Bradley also had a visual cameo in The Zygon Isolation, released in 2020.


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