Bradford was a city in Yorkshire, England.

Winifred Gillyflower described Bradford as "that Babylon for the Moderns, with its crystal light and its glitter, all aswarm with the wretched ruins of humanity". She felt it represented, in 1893, all that was wrong with then-modern English society. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

In the 1980s the Eighth Doctor played a game of Super Mario Bros in a pub in the city. (PROSE: Halflife) Ted Taylor came from Bradford. (AUDIO: Iris at the Oche) It became affected by miners' strike action who created a picket line. (AUDIO: We Are The Daleks)

It became the centre of racial tension during the 2000s during the terrorist attacks, with news media reporting that areas of the city had become "no go" areas for white people. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

In the early 22nd century, Ming described her ethnicity as ninth generation Bradford Cantonese. (PROSE: Transit)

Behind the scenes Edit

Actors Mary Tamm, Asif Khan and Steve Morley were all born in Bradford.

More specifically, Bradford is located in West Yorkshire.

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