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A boyfriend was a male partner in a romantic relationship. In the Victorian era, the analogous term was "gentleman friend". (TV: The Snowmen, Deep Breath) The female counterpart was girlfriend.

Mickey Smith became Rose Tyler's boyfriend sometime prior to September 2002 only for her to dump him in favour of Jimmy Stone. (AUDIO: Flight Into Hull!) They rekindled their relationship by 2003, it lasting until 2005. (TV: Rose, PROSE: Meet Rose, Rose Tyler, et al.)

Geoff Moon was an ex-boyfriend of Jackie Tyler. (PROSE: Meet Rose)

Rhys Williams was Gwen Cooper's boyfriend by the time she joined Torchwood Cardiff. (TV: Everything Changes) They eventually married. (TV: Something Borrowed)

When the Eleventh Doctor was discovered by Captain Latimer in his household, the Time Lord claimed to be Clara Oswin Oswald's gentleman friend. (TV: The Snowmen)

Angie and Artie Maitland considered the Eleventh Doctor to be Clara Oswald's boyfriend, (TV: The Crimson Horror) referring to him as such after their trip to Hedgewick's World of Wonders. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)

On their final adventure together, Clara would ask the Eleventh Doctor to pretend to be her boyfriend for her family's Christmas dinner. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) Not long after regenerating, the Twelfth Doctor clarified that he wasn't her boyfriend. When Clara said that she never thought he was, the Doctor stated that it wasn't her mistake. (TV: Deep Breath) A few weeks after that claim, from Clara's perspective, Danny Pink would become her boyfriend, to the Doctor's visible displeasure and jealousy. (TV: The Caretaker)

Whilst speaking to the Half-Face Man, Missy referred to the Twelfth Doctor as her boyfriend. (TV: Deep Breath)

After he had known Charlie Smith for some time, Matteusz Andrzejewski declared his romantic desire (TV: Nightvisiting) and they became each other's boyfriends. (TV: Detained, etc.)