A young boy was accidentally shot and killed by Danny Pink during his military career in Afghanistan. (TV: Dark Water) The boy's death was the reason why Danny chose to leave the army. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Following his exit from the army, Danny felt guilty over the boy's death and became distressed when one of his students asked him if he had "killed anyone who wasn't a soldier". (TV: Into the Dalek)

The boy requested to see Danny upon his arrival in the Nethersphere. Danny attempted to apologise, but the boy ran away. Seb told Danny that the boy didn't talk much. The boy was watching Danny when he was deciding whether or not to delete his feelings. (TV: Dark Water) As a result of this, Danny chose not to delete his emotions and the boy stood silently by his side as he talked to Seb. Though Danny was later given a chance at resurrection, he chose to give it to the boy instead and Clara promised to get him home. (TV: Death in Heaven)

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