Bovine Herd Leader was the leader of the space bovine who used to rile the Earth. He saved Peri Brown from drowning on 12 October 1492, but later thought she was sent by the "livestock" to stop his time experiments. His machine used the fat deposits of humans to work. In the past he was frozen in a glacier, and by the time he was thawed the majority of his species had been killed. He used the human technology to create a time machine.

He pulled Christopher Columbus' ship off course towards America to wipe out the native Americans as they in turn destroyed the Bovines. A later version of the Bovine Herd Leader travelled back in time to tell him that this was a foolish plan and the Europeans also killed his herd. When Columbus regained consciousness, he destroyed a piece of the time machine, and this created the omniparadox. (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise)

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