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A "Wanted" poster advertises a reward for the capture of the outlaw Doc Holliday. (TV: The Gunfighters)

You may be looking for the audio story.

A bounty was a payment or reward often offered by a group as an incentive for the accomplishment of a task by someone.

There was a bounty of $1000 for the capture of Johnny Ringo, with "Wanted" posters displayed around the town of Tombstone. The First Doctor examined one while in a gaol cell.

A reward of $2000 was put out for the capture of Doc Holliday after his involvement in a gunfight at the O.K. Corral. (TV: The Gunfighters)

The Collector put out a bounty of 5000 talmars for information leading to the capture or death of the Fourth Doctor. The reward was to be paid for from Gatherer Hade's own account. The Company's public video system announced news of the bounty. (TV: The Sun Makers)

Josiah W. Dogbolter put out a bounty of 250,000 mazumas for information regarding the whereabouts of the Doctor. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

During the Second Dalek War, Dalek Killers and Bounty Hunters could make money by selling bounty in the form of salvaged parts of Daleks, such as the gunstick and dalek eyestalk - the eyestalks alone been worth 20 decacredits each. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

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