A bouncer was a security guard hired by bars and pubs to stand by the door, and grant or refuse entry. They were expected to turn away under-aged patrons, but were known to let those in they considered attractive. (AUDIO: One Rule)

Bouncers in 56th century Olleril were armed, and prepared to shoot and kill hostile civilians, like Lorrayn, who had attempted to kill Danny with her own gun. (PROSE: Tragedy Day)

According to Yvonne Hartman, there was a "common misconception" that "all bouncers are big, power-hungry, stupid, dumb apes". Yvonne lied that her brother was a bouncer, and he read Voltaire.

Mike was the bouncer at the Priory Nightclub in 2005. He tried to turn Yvonne Hartman away, due to her state of dress, as she was "holding up the queue". Instead, Yvonne blackmailed him, with a photo of an under-aged girl he had let into the bar, now visibly intoxicated. She told him that brother was a bouncer, but that he was not stupid and enjoyed reading Voltaire. (AUDIO: One Rule)

Mikey was the bouncer at Nightspot, also in Cardiff. (TV: Day One)

The bouncer at Bar Reunion, where John Hart was reunited with Jack Harkness, tried to get Hart to leave after the former Time Agent ordered everyone to leave the bar. He backed down after John Hart produced two large handguns. (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

Pang was the bouncer at the Hidden Panda in 1865. (PROSE: The Eleventh Tiger)

Rondo was the bouncer at the Club Do-San in 1937. (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang)

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