Borkar was a Space Security Agent assigned as Sara Kingdom's partner in tracking down the First Doctor and Steven Taylor, who had been branded traitors by Mavic Chen.

Borkar asked Froyn if he had seen the Doctor and Steven, and Froyn hurriedly asked Borkar to leave as a complicated experiment was being carried out. Borkar left, and he was lead to a molecular dissemination room, but the door was sealed. Finally, Borkar opened it and searched inside, hoping to find the Doctor and Steven, but in the experiment, both of them and Sara had been transmitted to Mira. Froyn and Rhynmal burst in, Froyn demanding what Borkar was doing in the room. Froyn explained what was happening in the room.

Later, Karlton demanded why Borkar didn't make the scientists stop the experiment, to which Borkar replied that there wasn't time to find out where the Doctor and Steven were. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

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