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Borg was a crew member on board the sandminer Storm Mine 4. He was murdered by one of the sandminer robots.

He was in charge of the motive units of the sandminer, working on the power deck with Dask.

He disliked the meteorologist on board, Chub, because he "talked too much" (telling a story about a Voc therapist in Kaldor City ripping someone's arm off, just as Borg was enjoying a massage performed by a robot). It was because of this dispute that commander Uvanov later considered him a suspect for Chub's murder, stating that "maybe Chub was just beginning to get on [Borg's] nerves".

After the crew found out that the killer had put the "corpse marker" on their victim's hand, much in the same way as when a robot needs a reactivation, he pointed out that the killer must be a maniac and jokingly put the marker on Cass's hand. When they later found Cass dead, the crew's suspicion of Borg grew.

He was offered a jelly baby by the Fourth Doctor, but he refused violently, knocking the bag out of the Doctor's hand and scattering the jelly babies across the floor much to the Doctor's dismay. Borg further acted violently towards the Doctor after he insulted him.

However, he was found dead by Dask — strangled on the power deck as the fifth victim of the killer. After his death the motive units of the sandminer began to overload, because of the sabotaged drive links, far beyond the safety limit. The Doctor had to cut the power supply to the motive units in the last moment — "fighting sabotage with sabotage" — to stop the sandminer from blowing up, risking sinking of the colos.

The Doctor and Leela found a damaged robot with a blood-covered hand on board of the sandminer. The Doctor guessed the blood must belong to Borg, because he was the only one of the crew strong enough to fight the killer robot before his death. He also argued that Borg probably sabotaged the drive links intentionally in his last moments, attempting to destroy the sandminer and to take down all the dangerous robots with altered programming with it. (TV: The Robots of Death)

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