The Confederation of Border Worlds (also called the Borderer Confederation) were a group of around fifty thousand inhabited planets and systems at the edge of the galaxy. The Border Worlds had banded together for protection and mutual welfare, largely to maintain independence from the Galactic Union. (AUDIO: The Healers)

When the NFS plague broke out in Borderer space, the Galactic Union isolated the Confederation. The Daleks subsequently offered the Border Worlds assistance treating the plague, geo-forming the worlds of the Scalanis and Graxis systems into "healing zones" for treatment of plague victims and perfection of the cure, Variant 7. (AUDIO: The Survivors)

The Border Worlds were subsequently taken over by the Daleks, and used as their power base for the war with the Galactic Union. (PROSE: Mutually Assured Survival)

Systems in the Border Worlds Edit

  • Scalanis - One of the first systems affected by the NFS plague. Scalanis 8 was geo-formed by the Daleks into the first healing zone.
  • Graxis - A system of six worlds. All of Graxis Major, most of Graxis Minor, and presumably most/all of the other worlds in the system were set aside as an ecological preserve, under the jurisdiction of the Graxis Wardens. All of the planets in the system were geo-formed into healing zones.
  • Velyshaa - Home planet of the Knights of Velyshaa, and the final resting place for Kalendorf.
  • Pkowik - site of an Alliance Dalek space station attempting to perfect procedures for mental conditioning of humans.
  • Tantalus - home of Dr Mivas. Seth Arnod (Kaymee's father) worked there as a traffic controller.
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