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The Book of the Weeping Angels was a book written about the Weeping Angels.

History Edit

A long time before the crash of the Byzantium, a man called Rastan Jovanich wrote the definitive work on Weeping Angels. Possession of the knowledge eventually drove Jovanich mad. The people of his time sent him to a "terrible" sanatorium. (WC: Monster File: Weeping Angels)

On Alfava Metraxis in the 51st century, River had obtained a book about the Weeping Angels and gave it to the Eleventh Doctor, who quickly skimmed through it. The Doctor commented that it was slow in the middle and asked River if she also hated the writer's girlfriend. He then noticed that something was wrong. He asked why there were no images, to which River replied that the "image of an Angel is itself an Angel." This alerted the Doctor that the video of the Angel was a danger to Amy, as she was still watching it. (TV: The Time of Angels)

The Doctor kept the book and eventually stored it in the TARDIS drawing room. (GAME: TARDIS)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Steven Moffat and Karen Gillan's DVD commentary on The Time of Angels revealed that Moffat's original plan was for one of the Church soldiers in the episode to be sent back in time by the touch of a Weeping Angel and be the one to write the book, but the idea was scrapped.
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