"Book of legends and superstitions" is a title based upon conjecture.

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An image of the weed creature in the book. (TV: Fury from the Deep)

A book, that the Second Doctor described as a "list" of legends and superstitions, was "a very large, old, and dusty reference book". (PROSE: Fury from the Deep) He had picked it up during his travels and it became a reference source whilst researching the weed creature invading the Euro Sea Gas rigs in the North Sea. The Doctor had remembered an illustration in its pages of a seaweed monster from mariners in the mid-eighteenth century North Sea and showed it to Victoria. She confirmed the drawing was the same creature she saw back at the compound. Upon hearing this, Jamie was startled to realise the creature had been around at least as long as his time. (TV: Fury from the Deep)

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